Performance Repertoire

A Midsummer Night's Dream Performed: 2016, 2017
The Nutcracker Performed: 2006, 2007, 2013, 2015, 2019


The sublime music and theatrical magic of Tchaikovsky’s Nutcracker makes it one of the most popular ballets.  It is a coming of age story about a young girl Clara and the dream that leads her to faraway lands.

She finds herself in the midst of a battle where she must break the evil spell cast over the prince by the  wicked Mouse king.  Romance blossoms and celebrations take place in the Land of Sweets.

Les Sylphides Performed: 2013, 2014

Les Sylphides is a white ballet from the dreamy romantic era . With sublime music by Chopin, and original choreography by Michel Fokine., the ballet will take you on a mystical journey. A young poet dreams of dancing in the moonlight with ethereal sylphs (air spirits). Elegant dancers waft and waltz through various moods ending with a bright and uplifting finale .

In 1908 the dancing legends Anna Pavlova and Nijinsky performed in the most well known premier in Russia with the famous Ballet Russe. The long white tutus of the ballet had become fashionable after they had been designed for Pavlova by Leon …?… The combination of Chopin’s exquisite music with the spirit like elegance of the dance make it a most delightful ballet.

The Rite of Spring Performed: 2013, 2014

Stravinsky’s iconoclastic ballet “The Rite of Spring” with original choreography, and direction by Yvonne Hall

The musical score was to become one of the most influential works of the twentieth century will take you on a journey you will never forget.

The original story heralds back to Pagan spring rituals where sacrifice was integral. Modern interpretations have seen The Chosen One as the victim or scapegoat, seeing the ballet as representing the darker side of humanity.

When first performed in 1913 the avant garde nature of the music and Nijinsky’s modern choreography caused a sensation and a near riot in the Parisien audience. It was the beginning of the modern era, and one of the most famous nights of ballet history.

Peter and the Wolf Performed: 2007, 2011, 2016, 2020

Byron Ballet's original Peter and the Wolf production is like no other, complete with live narrator, it delves into the wolfen psyche through a wolf-pack dream sequence using a separate piece from Prokofiev. And do you really think we would take our Byron Bay wolf to a ZOO??

Coppelia Performed: 2008, 2012, 2015

Evergreen and ever popular Coppelia is a ballet for all, with slapstick comedic elements contrasting with beautiful emotive moments set to the stunning music of Delibes, the nineteenth century composer even Tchaikovsky was in awe of.

Bolero Performed: 2015, 2020

Maurice Ravel's hypnotic and climactic music Bolero formed the basis for an original contemporary choreographic ballet by Byron Ballet artistic director Yvonne Hall, expressing the beauty of the feminine.

Swan Lake (excerpt) Performed: 2014

Act 3 Swan Lake contained enough excitement to keep our local audience enraptured with inspiring performances by Sarah Williams and Benjamin Price.

Threads Performed: 2015, 2019

Threads is an original contemporary piece set to the music of Gerardo Gerie who performed his music live at this event organised by the Byron Music Society. Created and directed by Yvonne Hall with music by composer Gerardo Dirie. Choreographer Martin Schirbel (Berlin).

Satie Performed: 2015

Byron ballet dancers performed a white classical piece to the music of Erik Satie at the 2015 Byron Bay International Fashion Festival.

Ballet Egyptienne Performed: 2014

Ballet Egyptienne. Choreographed for Byron Ballet by Hassan Sheta.

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